Should you tell family… – About prostate cancer?

If you have younger children in your family, or grandchildren, you may be wondering if you should discuss your loved one’s prostate cancer with them.

That’s a highly personal decision that only you and your man can make.

But if you decide not to tell your children, they may still suspect that something is wrong. Children are pretty perceptive.

Keep it simple


If you do decide to tell younger children it may
be enough just to say that “Daddy or Grandpa is sick and the doctor is going to help him.”

If they question you further you can provide additional details.  But only if you feel it’s appropriate.

If your man will have to undergo surgery for prostate cancer, you may want to set expectations with your children so they won’t be frightened or surprised when he comes home to recover.

Telling elderly parents

If your man’s parents are still alive, you also may consider whether or not you want to tell them that their son has prostate cancer.

Again, this is a highly personal decision.


If your loved one’s parents are not in good physical or mental health it may also be a factor in how much you tell them.


If his parents are in good health, and you decide not to tell them, just be prepared that they may react angrily or feel hurt if they do find out.

Even though you may think that keeping difficult news from your loved one’s parents will free them from worry, they may not feel the same way you do.


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