Gathering information about prostate cancer – Exhausting but necessary

The more information you gather to learn about prostate cancer, the more you and your loved one can make informed decisions about prostate cancer treatment options.

The downside is that the more you read, the more overwhelmed you may feel.  Take breaks whenever you need to.  Try not to get too hung up on statistics.  And remember that every man is different.

Be prepared

Try to read everything about prostate cancer that you can get your hands on before you and your loved one consult with doctors.

This will give you a basic understanding so you can have a meaningful discussion with the doctor.

Realize that the doctor is going to tell you a lot of things that may be hard to comprehend.

It’s also easy to “space out” if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  So you may want to consider taking notes or tape recording each visit.

Key  factors

There are several factors that will help you and your loved one’s doctor determine his course of treatment, including:

This is all explained in simple terms in Prostate Cancer 101.

What makes prostate cancer different from other types of cancer is that there is such a variety of treatment options. You can:

Easy does it

The shock of a prostate cancer diagnosis can often make it difficult to concentrate.  If you take the time to do some reading in advance, in a more relaxed setting, you may be able to better understand and retain what you read.

The Internet is a virtual library at your fingertips, but be careful about where you search. Learn more by reading searching for information.

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