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“Now in a revised second edition, this lifesaving guide by Dr. Patrick Walsh and award-winning science writer Janet Farrar Worthington offers a message of hope to every man facing this illness. Prostate cancer is a different disease in every man—which means that the right treatment varies for each man. Giving you a second opinion from the world’s top experts in surgery, pathology, urology, and radiation and medical oncology, this book helps you determine the best plan for you.” Editor’s note: This is a very comprehensive book and a great resource to have on hand.

“Dr. Gerry Chodak, provides detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of all available treatments, including new tests, therapies and drugs recently approved by the FDA. Incorporating results from the most recent studies, including game-changing findings on the worth of surgery, he shows you how to: decide which treatment is right for you; ask your doctor the right questions; improve your quality of life; and know which sources of information to trust.” Editor’s note: In addition to being comprehensive, this book provides an excellent section on understanding how medical studies are used to evaluate treatments. Full disclosure: we received a complimentary copy of the second edition of this book.

“Prostate cancer is one of the most common malignancies in men in the Western world. Although a wide range of treatment regimens are available for this disease, there are few evidence-based guidelines for treatment selection. This volume (by Drs. Peter T. Scardino and Hedvig Hricak) describes the clinical value of imaging for improving not only staging and treatment selection, but also the diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment follow-up for patients with prostate cancer.”

“Eric A. Klein, MD, is Director of the Center for Urologic Oncology at Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute and a professor of surgery at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. He has written or edited seven books on urological malignancies and has been listed in Best Doctors in America since 1996. Dr. Klein is a co-discoverer of XMRV, a human virus found in men genetically predisposed to prostate cancer.”

Prostate cancer books about sexual side effects

“In a straightforward style, Dr. John Mulhall guides the reader through the basics of male sexuality, explains the role of testosterone, the functions of the prostate, and the common difficulties men encounter when disease strikes. In plain language, this book spells out the causes and symptoms of prostate disease and diseases of the lower urinary tract and the approach to deal with the aftermath of treatment.” Editor’s note: This book is particularly helpful if you want to learn more about the various treatments for erectile dysfunction. 

“Erectile dysfunction is a frequent consequence of prostate cancer and other prostate disease treatments. Though unwelcome and embarrassing, it doesn’t have to end a couple’s sex life. Both informative and practical, Intimacy with Impotence gives couples cause for hope. It discusses impotence in lay terms, provides information on the commercial therapies and medications both available and being researched now, and gives practical advice about lovemaking-from getting in the mood to commonsense suggestions to erection-less satisfaction. Written with complete honesty and compassion by a prostate cancer survivor and his wife (Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz), this is the essential resource for couples trying to reestablish intimacy and sex in the face of impotence.” Editor’s note: Chapter 5 provides some excellent suggestions for you and your man to explore sensual sex without intercourse. 

Prostate cancer books from the caregiver perspective

“Victoria Hallerman, an accomplished poet, writes candidly about her and her husband’s experience over the last five years, including sections in his voice as well. A manual for surviving what treatments can do to a marriage, her book is both a compelling narrative and a supportive and informational guidebook. It’s sure to be a boon to the enormous and ever-growing group of wives and partners of prostate cancer survivors who, like the author, need to be able to answer the question: Who are we now?”

These are just a few of the many prostate cancer books that are currently available. If there are any other prostate cancer books you would like to suggest, please contact us.

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