After prostate cancer diagnosis – There’s much to consider

Creating an action plan is important after your loved one’s prostate cancer diagnosis, but it may be hard to focus or think clearly.

This page provides links to helpful articles to help you get started (also see our site map).

Learn all you can

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More helpful articles

Not sure who to tell about your loved one’s prostate cancer?  Read the pros and cons of telling others.

Have young children or elderly parents?  Read family matters and concerns before deciding how much you want to tell them.

Hesitant about joining a support group?  Read the importance of seeking support for you and him.

Need inspiration?  Read our “Bill of Rights” for wives and partners.

Questioning your faith? Read finding faith when you can’t.

Take time to regroup

Your loved one’s prostate cancer is your cancer too and it’s important to process your feelings.

Give yourself permission to take breaks when you need to.  Practicing putting prostate cancer “on a shelf” for just a few minutes every day may help you better cope with all the stress.  Read:

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