Prostate Cancer and Me – “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel”

Having already survived a heart attack and colon cancer, not to mention a series of brushes with death flying with the Air Force in Southeast Asia, I came to my prostate cancer diagnosis well aware that this life would someday come to an end.  I think it was this deep-seated awareness that saved me from going into despair.

With my life hanging in the balance, the battle to avoid an early grave outweighed the danger of any possible negative side effects.

I started my treatment and went through the full course with my chosen modalities, experiencing some inevitable ups and downs. With the help of the Lord above and buoyed by my own imagination and crazy sense of humor, I came through with flying colors.

I am now a proud cancer survivor! My PSA dropped from 10.3 to 0.1. After I completed my treatments my doctor said, “Results like yours are enough to bring tears to a doctor’s eyes.”

My goal is to offer encouragement to other men diagnosed with this disease. There is a bright, shining light at the end of the tunnel.

There was no denying the cancer; it was an established fact. My first thought was, Is this cancer a window to the future? Is this how I’m going to meet my Maker? The next thought was, How long do I have?

Hope came when I was told that there were a number of treatments available to me. Each one came with a bundle of possible side effects, however. And there were no guarantees. It was not an easy decision.

I had already written two books about my life experiences, and I decided I would write about this one, too. It was important to keep my thinking uncluttered by others’ experiences, preconceptions, doubts, and fears. Given a list of patients who would gladly share their experiences with me, I said no, I preferred to decide on my own. My family agreed when I told them that the best way they could support me was to go on as usual, without bringing my cancer into our discussions.

Aware of the power of radiation from my days in the Military, I decided to cast my lot with external beam radiation therapy, backed up by hormone therapy. My doctor agreed, and made sure I understood all the possible negative side effects of these two treatments.

Submitted by Donald on August 1, 2012

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