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This page offers personal stories from wives, partners, family members, friends, and men with prostate cancer.

We hope you will read something here that you can identify with and that it will give you hope. The great thing about hope is that if you start with a little bit, it can often grow.

No one understands what you are going
through better than someone who has already been through it. Take heart in knowing that you are not alone.

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To submit your post, just use the form below. Please don’t worry about your writing sounding good (we’ll correct any typos or grammatical errors we find). You can even submit a story anonymously, if you prefer.

What matters most is that you speak from your heart.

Your words may be a great source of comfort to someone else who may be struggling with prostate cancer. Writing may also provide an emotional release for you, or help you get closure.

If your loved one has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, we understand that it may be too difficult to share at this time. We hope you will return when things have returned to “normal” to share your experience, strength, and hope with others who may just be starting the journey.  It can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement. 

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