Support for you and him – Join a group

Coping with prostate cancer is not something that you or your loved one have to do on your own.

Your first inclination may be to turn to friends, family, religious leaders, or members of your religious congregation. They are often a great source of support.  But you may want to talk with someone who has more personal experience with prostate cancer.

New Prostate Cancer InfoLink

In addition to providing excellent news articles about prostate cancer, you can access an online forum specifically for wives and partners at the the New Prostate Cancer InfoLink.

There are also many other active forums that address a variety of issues related to prostate cancer on this social network web site.

For Ladies Only Network

You may also want to visit the online forum, For Ladies Only, which is exclusively for wives, partners, and family members.  It’s a very active forum and the women are extremely supportive.  You must become a member to view and enter posts.

Hospital groups

There also may be prostate cancer group meetings at your local hospital.

You can ask your loved one’s doctor or call them directly.

Voices on HisProstateCancer

We encourage you to visit the “Stories of Hope” section of our web site to read personal stories submitted by men with prostate cancer and their wives and partners.

Support for men

Two online faith-based forums that are primarily for men include a: is another resource that offers information and a list of meetings for male partners.

Seeking professional help

If you or your loved one are having difficulty coping, you may want to consider talking to a:

  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist

You can ask your loved one’s doctor for a referral.

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